Swarm Season: What is a swarm? Recap.

I wanted to post a query from a concerned neighbor about an insect issue.  First, I should outline some details.  I post my availability for swarm removal on the BeeSource website on the  SwarmCatcher list in hopes of finding the the giant swarm of awesome feral bees.  WP_20140703_014_cropped_resized Typically these rare events happen in Late April (wishfully thinking) until Late June. For some reason,  perhaps because swarms are transient lasting no more that a few days,  I rarely get calls for real swarms.    I did catch  one swarm this summer, from one of my own hives, mostly by surprise.  Here’s a picture.

I do get calls and emails about home and yard invasions all times of the summer by both honeybees, and other similar related insect species.   Here’s a good response (I think) from me, a beekeeper, regarding a random late summer, “Oh my! There’s stinging insects in my yard!”

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From: Brendan Casey [mailto:bman@caseyshoney.com]

Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 9:08 PM

To: ‘Chris’

Subject: RE: bee removal


Hi.  It sounds like you’re talking about Yellow jackets,  (I think.) Nesting in the ground and behind landscape blocks is not something honeybees do.  I’m afraid I may not be much help for your situation.  I can tell you it’s only a few more weeks and the problem will likely go away,  Late summer they’re at their peak, but Autumns cold will soon put them to sleep.  Next year they might be back but it’s also possible they’ll move by late next spring and build a new nest.  (depends on the species and their life cycle.) I hope this helps, let me know if I’m not being clear about anything or if there’s other questions.


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From: Chris [mailto:xxx@gmail.com]

Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 7:19 PM

To: bman@caseyshoney.com

Subject: bee removal

Hello, hope your weekend is going well. I have a swarm of bees?? in a ground nest around a tree and the landscape blocks next to it. Can you help remove them this week? Thank you very much.


Christopher  xxx





One thought on “Swarm Season: What is a swarm? Recap.

  1. After note, Was mowing the lawn around my yard today and noticed some flies ahead of the mower, while I was looking I saw many and they seemed to be coming out of the ground. I looked closer and could tell they looked like yellow jackets and were angry. I backed up, turned around and tried to push my mower up the hill as fast as possible. One got me on the arm, another on my lower back, a third was on my shirt sleeve trying it’s best before I got away to the backyard. Moral of the story even a beekeeper can be caught by surprise, by a nest of yellow jackets. Late autumn they’re at their peak strength. I plan to give them a wide berth for now, maybe one more mowing needed around there this year, might wait for a cold day and avoid that patch of ground. Next spring I expect them to be gone. I will fill in details in the future especially if I’m wrong about that.

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