Honeybees, Apis Melliferra, a hobby and passion. Our Bees forage the foliage from early spring until fall. Excess honey is handled carefully, lightly filtered, and packaged. Other products include beeswax, pollen, and propolis.

Managing apiaries is challenging but also rewarding.    I enjoy the beekeeping work and like the outdoor travels and activity entailed.  The bees are fascinating and even now I still find myself learning things or thinking about various aspects differently from new observations.

For the most part it’s a seasonal activity,  In spring new hives are started and swarms happen and sometimes are captured,  In summer the honey supers get added, and later removed and extracted. In fall the hives need to be prepared for winter, when the bees cluster inside and brave the cold.

It is a hobby for me, but part of it involves honey and beeswax.  The honey often is quite delicious. I do my best to handle and extract it with care.  Cold process extraction preserves the flavors.  On the scale I work it’s easy to do, and simpler all around.  The beeswax has myriad uses,  but sometimes I’ll make hand dipped candles or just cupcake sized beeswax cakes.   If things go well and I have a strong hive with a good honeyflow sometimes I can make comb honey sections.

Part of this effort is aimed towards finding good homes for the honey I gather,  It always tastes good, but after it crystalizes, some people don’t find it as easy to use, and heating to liquify makes it no longer, “cold processed,”   So getting the honey to my friends family and other interested parties in season is also an important concern.

Cutout_1On the other hand I see some interesting things in the course of a season,  this last year I was involved in removing three hives and one wasp nest from homes.   Also I see interesting things on my way to and fro.  I’m hoping this Beelog will help capture some of that.

One other thing is I hope this will be accessible on your smart phone and into the next millenia.  So stay tuned and feel free to post or join in with thoughts or feedback.



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  1. Per our recent conversation I will be placing order for honey bears to be used as gifts in the next couple of months.
    Brendan, you can be sure there will be lots of bragging going out with the bears!
    Lots of honey hugs to you….” Aunt” Jane
    Hopefully this goes thru…I use a KINDLE. Seems to be slower than expected.

      1. I would like to place an order for 12 (twelve) Honey Bears. Can you phone me and we can schedule a time and place for a pick up? 724-561-3868.

        1. Aunt Jane,
          For local pickup, during the ordering process, if you enter 48103 For the Zip you will get the local pickup option, and that skips the shipping costs.
          The honey is at my dad’s right now but I hope to visit there sometime this week. I will try and call back tomorrow.

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