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Hive Split

I ordered an extra queen with my new packages that arrived last Friday. The extra queen was just in case of mishaps.  After setting up all the hives, and checking back after a few days,   All hives showed new eggs being raised, so all successful installs.  Extra queen was indeed extra.   I decided to try a split.  The first time I’ve done a pre-planned hive split with all parts in place ahead of time.   This picture shows the former one hive split in two. The one on the left has the original queen.  The one on the right has the extra queen.  Both hives are pointed toward the site of the original hive, but neither in the original place as suggested in my research. The idea is to cause the bees to decide,when they return from foraging which hive they want to be in.  Stay tuned!

Hive split.

Reference source:

Langstroth Hive, 8 Frame 9″, Hive split.