2014 honey season

2lb_2014_ver3I’m working on the new product images for the 2014 honey season.  There’s a new label for this year.  Same general design, but with the web address to bring the product into the new millenium.  Also a blank line for the source apiary.  I’m hoping to make use of this feature to track locale of production.

Swarm in July

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After the weather cleared up and the sun came out,  I visited two of my hives today   I was surprised to find one of the hives was swarming.  I waited and watched until they clustered on a branch then I went to get a step ladder and some other tools.   Swarm was successfully captured and housed in a new hive.





Hive Split

I ordered an extra queen with my new packages that arrived last Friday. The extra queen was just in case of mishaps.  After setting up all the hives, and checking back after a few days,   All hives showed new eggs being raised, so all successful installs.  Extra queen was indeed extra.   I decided to try a split.  The first time I’ve done a pre-planned hive split with all parts in place ahead of time.   This picture shows the former one hive split in two. The one on the left has the original queen.  The one on the right has the extra queen.  Both hives are pointed toward the site of the original hive, but neither in the original place as suggested in my research. The idea is to cause the bees to decide,when they return from foraging which hive they want to be in.  Stay tuned!

Hive split.

Reference source: http://www.bushfarms.com/beessplits.htm

Langstroth Hive, 8 Frame 9″, Hive split.





When it’s cold out And the bees are clustered, a beekeeper usually has some beeswax to preserve.  Here is the nice looking product of a wax melt on a fine sunny morning,

Bees Wax

I’m thinking of making ~ 1-oz.  wax cakes. Perhaps also dipping some candles,  I do want to stock some of the beeswax product.  Suggestions welcome,


Happy New Year!

Casey's Blog

Welcome to our BeeLog!

It’s a New Year,  Although the hives are bundled in snow this is the time when we make plans for the next season.    This BLog, is part of those plans.

Stay tuned,  I plan to make notes, comments, inferences and other hive related observations here,  and hopefully you will feel free to join the discussion!